Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My other motto...

If it's wet,warm, and not yours-
DON'T touch touch it!
Especially without donning your gloves first :)

I'm sure you've heard that before too...
& it just makes so much sense!

Yearly, I provide the mandated BBP training and show a super fun video...
Seriously, it is one of the best BBP videos out there.
I've even had teachers borrow it for their classrooms.

A cost saving method I implemented a few years back
was asking the local fire department to
properly dispose of the sharps containers
(no more than 1 per school year)...
This was a great way to collaborate
with the local fire department
& saves $ too!

Does the district you work for pay for a private service?
Think your local EMTs/Fire Department
might be willing to help out?  Just ask!


  1. What is the BBP video that you use. I change up stuff each year with a new PPT and have fun with it, but would like to see something new.

    1. The majority of the training vidoes I use are from DuPont/Coastal.
      Good luck!


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