Sunday, September 11, 2011

One night of homelessness...

We were homeless for the first night of our beach vacation

Seriously... homeless-
no place to sleep, no secure place to call our home,
 lacking an adequate nighttime place to stay...
for one    L  O   N   G    night!
It was completely unplanned.  
It was weird, strange, and a little bit adventurous for us!

We slept tried to rest for a few hours in our cozy Suburban.
Which we had to turn off for fear of overheating-
it had been running for 15 hours!

We were the first customers to visit McDonalds-
where our kids were thrilled to be the first of the day
 to play on the outdoor playground.
Not to mention thrilled to use the restroom with sinks to clean our hands!

Even though this seems like a bad way to start a summer vacation
this experience made me grateful that on all other nights my kids
have a safe, warm, &cozy home to call their own! 

There are homeless students who attend my school-
& I bet there are homeless students in your school too!

Don't judge...
but there is/was a small part of me that wishes
we had been driving one of these:)


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