Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cold or Flu

                Will either happen to you?

My office is offering flu shots to all staff members
and their significant others!

This year the cost is only $18!

Does your school offer flu shots to staff or students?

Information on flu prevention:


  1. Man, I got ripped off, Chad and I had to pay $20.... Now can you expand on your post with your thoughts on the nasal mist for children?

  2. I tried to expand for you :) My oldest had the Flu Mist one year and was thrilled- no needles! He did get sick that year either. Although my kids are usually pretty healthy (knock on wood!)

  3. I was wondering if you have the jpeg for the above information on cold/flu. I thought I could laminate it and put it on my health room door.


    1. Hi Kristi-
      I found this chart on the internet somewhere so I don't have the jpeg
      :( You might be able to right click, save, print and then laminate it. Good luck! Maybe I will make my own chart this fall :) Keep checking back...


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