Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dinner LISTS... @ Home

Using the advice I recently received from House Full of Searls ...

Last week, I attempted to be more aware of how much money
I spent at the grocery store & attempted to be more prepared
when it came to dinners at home!

So, last weekend I:
  1. Took inventory of what I had available in my kitchen and pantry.
  2. Made a list (who doesn't love a cute list!) of dinners for the entire week.  It looked something like this...
      1. M...Spaghetti with meatballs & garlic bread
      2. T... Grilled cheese with tomato soup (kids choice)
      3. W... Shredded chicken tacos (a staple in our house!)
      4. Th...Left over night- perfect since I had to work late for P/T conferences
      5. F...Mashed potatoes & gravy with chicken strips (kids choice)
      6. I only failed one night when I got sucked into getting carry out by my 2 oldest kids! On the other nights don't worry- I do toss in some veggies and/or fruit too :)
  3. Made another list (yeah!) of what I really needed to buy at the store to make it through one week.
  4. Tried my hardest to follow that list while I was at the store.  I did pretty good.... only spent $73!
My goal is to do this again for the upcoming week. 

To Be Continued :)

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  1. Sounds like you did well! Thanks for mentioning my blog :)


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