Sunday, October 16, 2011

i LOVE the school nurse

Yes, that's right... A former student used to wear the famous
 "i love the school nurse"
wristband to school just to make me smile! 

Don't tell the others, but he was one of my favorites!

I would meet with him at least twice a day for his tube feedings.
He enjoyed the feedings, but really enjoyed the quick games of sword fighting
we played after the feedings!
 Just foam swords so don't panic.

He would usually let me win! 
The entire time he would be laughing and smiling-
a huge smile with a deep belly laugh!

Well, as a parting gift & thank you to me when he moved on
from the public school system his parents wrapped the
wristband in a pretty box and gave it to me! 

And yes, I cried- wouldn't you? 

Of course I framed the wristband and have it on display in my office! 

I think this wristband was from Hot Topic-
one of his favorites places to shop!

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