Sunday, October 9, 2011


i love LISTS!

I am a list writer...
the problem is-
I don't always follow my lists!

Especially when it comes to grocery shopping!

I've realized & admit (isn't that half the battle?)
that if I grocery shop every 2 weeks it is a bad thing.

I have these weird urges that I'll never return to the grocery store
...because 2 weeks is almost like forever...
and so I over buy and I even buy things in 2- just in case!
I am certain there is a ICD-9 diagnosis code
for this must buy in 2's condition!

I've learned this is a huge waste of time, money, and food!
I would love to save in all 3 areas-
save time, save money
and save food from being wasted!

There are several reasons I believe
list writing AND following will help my grocery shopping issue.

So, in an attempt to overcome these issues
I've decided to:
  1. Take food inventory at home before I go to the store.  Decide what we really have and what we really need.
  2. Actually write a grocery list instead of randomly walking the isles and piling my cart sky high!
  3. Actually try to follow the written grocery list instead of adding extras to the cart just to fill my undiagnosed but I'm sure its out there ICD-9 issue!
  4. Be more aware of how often we eat at home and how often we are grabbing something out for convenience reasons!
Baby steps here!

Have any advise?
Please share any great ideas to
get me on the right track to saving!

1 comment:

  1. After you take stock of your kitchen plan a menu. Plan a menu based on some of the items you already have in your kitchen or that you need to use up before they go bad. Also plan easy meals for the days you know that you will be busy and not have alot of time to cook :)


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