Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's 12:47 PM.... do you know what your students are doing?
Well, they've probably finished eating lunch by now.

Lunch... was the original idea behind this post,
school lunches to be exact.

However, after doing some research I realized there is A LOT of information
out there on school lunches, lunch guidelines, 
eating healthier, and being more nutritious!

I started to get a little overwhelmed!
I think I will need to narrow my topic.

After reading the section  on the USDA website ....
 I decided to start at home.
This information actually goes well
with my other recent post on LISTS.

So, I did a few things to help me get started!

  1. Plan... I cleaned out my frig- at least I went through and dumped the expired items.  Due to my need to buy in 2s I had FIVE yes 5 (I realize that is an odd #) tubs of sour cream!  I'm not kidding- 5, 16 oz containers, 5 POUNDS of sour cream!  One pound for each member of my family! 
  2. Purchase... I haven't purchased any new food items, but am hoping by planning I will be more prepared to purchase.
  3. Prepare... I actually prepared a dinner which my family enjoyed using  items I already had on hand!  It was a quick & yummy version of shredded chicken tacos (the chicken was slowed cooked and shredded a while back & waiting in my freezer for the perfect meal!).
Read more for yourself here...

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