Thursday, October 6, 2011

My office was robbed!

A few years back I worked at a junior high school
surrounded by large college campus.
Not that it matters (or maybe it did),
but it gives you an idea of the area.

My typical turned crazy morning started out like this...

A 45 minute drive to work= giving me time to listen to music
and drink caffeine in my miniature van-
that's right, at that point in my life I drove a wonderful mini-van!
But, don't get me off track now...
When I arrived at work/school everything seemed Normal!

However, as I got closer to my office I could see the area
was masked off with yellow caution tape and police was all over!
I started to panic a little and wondered what in the world happened.

Well... the school had been broken in to.
Of course "The Nurse's Office" was high on the list of places to ransack!

I think the robber was looking for pills/drugs to take or sell,
but since no one was ever caught we'll never really now.
Here's the kicker...I was smarter than that average robber
& little did the thief know-
I always locked all the meds in the school vault
every night!  So, the thief got nothing!

Which might have caused a little anger...
They got nothing & I got a very messy office-
the thick solid wooden door kicked in,
every drawer & cabinet filtered through,
stuff (cups, band aids, papers, pens, chairs tipped, first aid kits open, etc.)
all over the floor...
and to top it off a knife stuck in the middle of my desk!
Yes, that's right.. a sharp knife!
I felt sick to my stomach!
I'm pretty certain this wasn't anything personal,
but I still felt violated!

It took the police most of the morning
to take pictures, fingerprints, & gather other evidence.
While they were busy doing their job in my office;
I was busy doing my job-
in the hallway- with just the basics-
a thermometer, 2 chairs,
a clip board with paper and pen, and
a phone stretched down a hall and about
10 feet around a corner to my make shift office!
What an experience & one I hope you'll never know-
whether in your personal or professional life!

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