Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm always looking for ways to get my Starbucks drinks for free!
Well, a couple of years back a friend of mine
introduced me to Swagbucks!
She promised if I "used" it I could get free Starbucks!

Short version= Use Swagbucks, Earn Points, Trade in Points for FREE Stuff!
How do I use my Swagbucks account to earn points?
  • Use Swagbucks as my search engine on my toolbar (are those proper computer terms?).
  • Try to  answer the daily poll.
  • Shop & Earn- I've set my favorite shopping stores & order through my Swagbucks link to earn points. 
Believe me - I'm NO expert on Swagbucks,
but I do enjoy my free Starbucks gift cards!

Others probably understand how to use Swagbucks
better than I do and earn A LOT of points
which they can cash in for a
large variety of items!
If you don't know what Swagbucks is/are
check it out here & be sure to sign up!

Search & Win

Do you already have a Swagbucks account?
If so I would love to hear how you earn your points
and what sort of goodies you've cashed in on!

1 comment:

  1. I love Swagbucks! I save them up and use them for amazon gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts with :)


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