Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who steals a body board?

Yes, I blurred my son out of the picture! 
Believe me - he is handsome:)
While my family was enjoying our beach vacation.-
someone else decided to enjoy our property!
Yes, my son's favorite body board was stolen!  And NOT the scary kind of "Oh no, here come the paramedics with a body board" type of body board... This was a "Oh cool, here come some good waves" type of body board!

I blame myself because you see the condo where we stayed had a closet to store beach items....
but I had a case of the lazies one day &
 just piled things outside the door.
I had a passing thought someone might have the urge to take something, but then I remembered people are taught not to take things that aren't theirs without asking first....right?  Wrong!

Yes,  taped up with blue band aids!
It's all I could find :)
Believe it or not.. the body board was taken!
Plan A-I actually looked on the beach to see if I could spot it! No luck.(keep in mind the plan stopped there.. not sure what I would have done had I seen it!) 
Plan B- Buy another one.  We searched some local shops but no luck.  We got this board last summer in GA (good reason to go back next year!); this summer we were in FL. 
Plan C- hang a note outside our condo door asking for the safe return of the board!  still no luck!  I thought for sure this was going to work since I offered $ to buy their very own!

Oh well... I learned a good lesson &
we still enjoyed our vacation! 

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