Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Not to Say....

For years I've joked with students that
I want to be "nominated" for the TV show What Not to Wear-
evidently they all think I'm joking :)
However, I'm being a little serious-
I would love someone to help me figure out what to wear,
how to wear it well, and give me $ to buy cute stuff just for me!

Oops, I  got a little side tracked).... What Not to Say-
occasionally we are surrounded by awkward situations-
when we're just not 100% sure what to say.
You might have the urge to say things like:
  • Oh no, tell me everything that happened?
  • Wow- that must be horrible.  Are you okay?
  • I can't believe it. You must be so upset?
  • How are you doing?
Keep in mind, these pointed questions might work great-
at the right time & right setting.
Sometimes though, the person you're talking to
really doesn't want to answer such pointed questions. 
They feel like they're obligated though because they've been asked. 
Now they're struggling... do they honestly answer the question or
just lie and say "I'm fine" "It's no big deal" Don't worry about it"...

I was taught by one of the best school counselors ever (LAS)
that a simple phrase works so much better!  What to Say:
  • I hope you're feeling better today.
  • Good luck with everything.
  • Nice to see you smiling.
Hear the difference? 
The person you're talking to doesn't feel obligated
to answer such a pointed (maybe quite personal) question. 
You are wishing them well with a phrase that lets them know you care. 
 If they want to elaborate, they can...
If not they will thank you, remember your kindness,
and continue on with their day.

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Am I? Slide #2

A few years ago I was asked to give a common childhood
communicable disease overview to a group of early childhood case managers....
I thought it might be fun to share the slides I went over.
The setting was pretty informal with a sort of a round table atmosphere.
It was a comfortable setting & very informational.
The participants (about 15) were able to
listen to the information I was sharing
and ask any questions they had!
I used the slide shows as my attention getter and
followed up with verbal information,
handouts I found on the CDC website & my state department website,
and time for questions and answers!

The one pre-requisite for this disease
is having had the chicken pox disease!

Who Am I?

CDC About Shingles

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wash Your Hands!

Recently, I received a great email from a listserv
I subscribe to full of great information on handwashing!
Maybe you received the same email?
If not, I wanted to share some great, free resources!

As nurses (& adults) we know how important hand washing is!
Everyone should be washing their hands throughout the day-
especially after (or before) specific activities:

bathroom breaks
petting an animal
when your hands "feel" dirty
& the list goes on and on!

To help promote handwashing in the school setting
Underwriters Laboratories have partnered with Disney
to create some fun videos and free printable worksheets
for educators to use in the school setting!
Click to Here Watch the Video
you might have to register :)

This video is probably more appropriate for the younger kids!
It is cute, colorful, short & to the point!
A great attention getting to use prior to a
germ, handwashing, health lesson plan!
    Remember, the CDC is always a great, free resource!
    Click here to be directed to their handwashing education page!

Monday, November 21, 2011

School Nurse on a Budget...

I try to follow a budget- like most people I assume!
This week though I realized my growing son needed new jeans in a bad way!

So, armed with my 15% off Kohl's coupon
and a $5 off Kohl's coupon I got in the car with all
good intentions of heading to (guess where) Kohl's!

However, at the last moment I made a Left turn instead of a Right
and decided to check out the local Goodwill store first!

After all, these are jeans for a boy-
a boy who plays hard & only requires
clothing items that fit, clean, & hole free!

I decided if I didn't find what I needed at Goodwill then I would go to Kohl's.

The result = I was super pleased with my Goodwill visit!

This is what I found...
  1. 4 pair of jeans- right size, no holes, etc- Levi's, 2 pair Wrangler- but not the cowboy type you're thinking of!, and Mossimo brands 
  2. 1 pair GAP jeans for "the baby"
  3. 1 cute bright yellow (my current favorite color) glass decoration piece for our house

All of this for a grand total of $17.50!

No joke... So, new jeans weren't really in the budget
but with a price so low I was able to swing it & get a couple of extras! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

I am Poem... On Grieving

Posting this poem is brave & scary for me

I wrote this poem a few months ago & reading it might make you cry...

However, I felt as though I should share because
there are others (some I know and more I don't)
who sadly will relate to what I write.
I hope reading this will help you in some way
and maybe inspire you to write your own
I Am poem :)


I Am

Photo of flowers we received at his
memorial with a favorite bible verse.
Photography is my hobby & was/is a great
 form of art therapy for me :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Am I? Slide #1

A few years ago I was asked to give a common childhood
communicable disease overview to a group of early childhood case managers....
I thought it might be fun to share the slides I went over.
 The setting was pretty informal with a sort of a round table atmosphere. 
 It was a comfortable setting & very informational. 
The participants (about 15) were able to
listen to the information I was sharing
and ask any questions they had!
I used the slide shows as my attention getter and
 followed up with verbal information,
handouts I found on the CDC website & my state department website,
and time for questions and answers!

At one time, if you had this disease you
would be exposed (on purpose!)
to other neighborhood children
so they too would be lucky enough
                                                                                                            to get this disease!

Who Am I?
Chicken Pox

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Continuing Education

I've procrastinated long enough...
Time to earn my 20 Continuing Education Hours!

There are several different ways I can get this accomplished:
  1. teach CPR classes (which I have done)
  2. attend a seminar with CE hours ( which I haven't done)
  3. take a college level course related to nursing (haven't done & probably too expensive)
Right now however, I am looking for something convenient and a little less expensive!

So, I'm thinking about earning my CEs through option #4:

Has anyone received their CEs through this organization?
What was your experience?
Any advice?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nurse as Patient- Follow Up #2

Well... I'm still at home trying to be a good patient.
I've realized I am such a better nurse than patient!!

I've been trying to take it easy...
To do so, I've been staring at the beautiful flowers
sent to me from my co-workers!

Aren't they pretty flowers?

I've also had a lot of time to figure out what
my yellow lab does all day long!

Here is the short version of her day...

She starts off on the leather couch... looking all cute & tired!

Then she gets tired of that couch & decides she would
have better luck resting if she were on the ground!

She gets tired of the ground & decides to try the other couch-
it is fabric and maybe she thinks she'll feel more cozy on
the fabric couch?

Finally... She's made it to that happy napping doggy place...
Look how comfy & cute she looks :)

And that pretty much sums up her dog days!
A lot of sleeping :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

A day late and a dollar short!

Well I had this idea for a great blog post while
recovering from my recent patient experience (read a little about that here)!

It was such a great idea that I even thought
of posting a current TV commercial to go along with it. 

 However... Now that I have time and energy to write the post I can't remember
what the topic was or even what the great commercial was!

WOW!  What is this a sign of?  Wait- don't answer that question!
It is most likely is just a sign of being a little tired
mixed with a tad of recovery time!

I'm pretty certain (in this specific case) it isn't an early
sign of dementia or stoke- although in some cases...
Here's to hoping I remember what I was supposed to remember!
If I happened to mention this great idea to you, please let me know!

Don't you hate it when this happens!
When was the last time you had a great idea & then
hours later were clueless :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teens- Prescription Drug Abuse

There might be a misconception among teens...
Some might feel that if is "safer" to get high
taking prescription drugs because prescription drugs are not illegal drugs.

However, taking a prescription drug (even once) that isn't prescribed for you
is VERY dangerous and can be deadly! 

"Taking a pill that is prescribed for someone other than you
is inappropriate and considered prescription drug abuse -
and is illegal - even if you only do it once." - according to Dr. Drew Pinksy.

Even so, 19% of teens have taken a prescription pill
that was not prescribed to them!
What if those teens are mixing prescription pills
with other drugs- alcohol, marijuana, etc?
The dangers continue to escalate!

As a school nurse I have seen teens who 
abuse prescription drugs
(among other drugs & maybe in addition to other drugs).
The school I work at is privileged enough to have
access to a certified drug & alcohol counselor-
this counselor provides services for our students in need.
I help monitor progress with random urine drug tests.

I am always trying to educate myself on ways to
identify kids in need & educating kids, parents, and staff.
I found a great FREE resource Smart Moves Smart Choices...

I ordered a hard copy tool kit today
hard copy because I'm still a little old school
and like papers to flip through!

As soon as I get it I'll write a follow up...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nurse is Patient - Follow Up

Well I survived being the patient,
but decided I much prefer being the nurse-
The School Nurse!

Here are my own personal tips...
  • Be prepared to arrive early & wait, wait, wait- hence the title patient!
  • Ask a lot of questions!
  • Wait some more...
  • Come up with a few more questions.
  • Know that when they tell you "You won't remember a thing"... they really mean it!
  • Not remembering a thing is sort of a freaky thing!
  • Know that when they say "Get some rest" that translates to "Someone will be back in 20 minutes to check in on you.  We hope you'll be able to rest at home!"
  • Slow and Steady wins the race!
  • Saltine Crackers are my friend!
  • Walk soon, but not too soon & have help!
  • Keep your chin up when you stand and walk for the first few times!
  • I'm going to try and enjoy my time recovering at home...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nurse is Patient

Tomorrow I will become the patient....
I much prefer being the nurse- The School Nurse!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet vs Unsweet...

Dear Ronald-

Sometimes I stop at your place for a delicious tea... unsweet tea.  I know you can't believe someone would really order an unsweet tea, but it is true.  Well Ronnie, the other day I ordered an unsweet tea.  I  verbally verified with the sweet gal (no pun intended) at the window that the cup she handed me was unsweet and she very kindly told me yes.  However... when I got to work and took my 'verification sip' I instantly realized it was sweet tea.  I almost gagged in on the sweetness & had the urge to check my blood sugar :(
Can you remind your helpers to be more observant?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Random

Disney Channel is on a lot at my house...
Sometimes the shows grow on me after a while.
Today, it wasn't a show that grabbed my attention...
It was one of the So Random songs!

Socks with Sandals-
They're bringing them back...
Some never knew socks with sandals were out :)

Something to make you laugh!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Embrace the Frequent Flier

Embracing the Frequent Flier...
Yes, that is what I'm trying to do this year!

Honestly, I've been here before- that ugly place where I see Student ID
walk though the door & I think to myself...
"UGH... not again. 
Why is this kid always coming down to the office? 
I swear (s)he is down here at least once a day if not twice!"

However, I'm trying to move to that pretty place where I focus
more on the WHY instead of the UGH part :)

There has to be some unmet need being filled by visiting
the school nurse on such a regular basis.

My goal is to try to figure out WHY some kids visit so often!
I want to embrace the frequent flier
... learn something about them and maybe
learn a little more about what it means
to be a good school nurse in the process!

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