Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nurse as Patient- Follow Up #2

Well... I'm still at home trying to be a good patient.
I've realized I am such a better nurse than patient!!

I've been trying to take it easy...
To do so, I've been staring at the beautiful flowers
sent to me from my co-workers!

Aren't they pretty flowers?

I've also had a lot of time to figure out what
my yellow lab does all day long!

Here is the short version of her day...

She starts off on the leather couch... looking all cute & tired!

Then she gets tired of that couch & decides she would
have better luck resting if she were on the ground!

She gets tired of the ground & decides to try the other couch-
it is fabric and maybe she thinks she'll feel more cozy on
the fabric couch?

Finally... She's made it to that happy napping doggy place...
Look how comfy & cute she looks :)

And that pretty much sums up her dog days!
A lot of sleeping :)

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