Friday, November 11, 2011

Nurse is Patient - Follow Up

Well I survived being the patient,
but decided I much prefer being the nurse-
The School Nurse!

Here are my own personal tips...
  • Be prepared to arrive early & wait, wait, wait- hence the title patient!
  • Ask a lot of questions!
  • Wait some more...
  • Come up with a few more questions.
  • Know that when they tell you "You won't remember a thing"... they really mean it!
  • Not remembering a thing is sort of a freaky thing!
  • Know that when they say "Get some rest" that translates to "Someone will be back in 20 minutes to check in on you.  We hope you'll be able to rest at home!"
  • Slow and Steady wins the race!
  • Saltine Crackers are my friend!
  • Walk soon, but not too soon & have help!
  • Keep your chin up when you stand and walk for the first few times!
  • I'm going to try and enjoy my time recovering at home...


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