Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teens- Prescription Drug Abuse

There might be a misconception among teens...
Some might feel that if is "safer" to get high
taking prescription drugs because prescription drugs are not illegal drugs.

However, taking a prescription drug (even once) that isn't prescribed for you
is VERY dangerous and can be deadly! 

"Taking a pill that is prescribed for someone other than you
is inappropriate and considered prescription drug abuse -
and is illegal - even if you only do it once." - according to Dr. Drew Pinksy.

Even so, 19% of teens have taken a prescription pill
that was not prescribed to them!
What if those teens are mixing prescription pills
with other drugs- alcohol, marijuana, etc?
The dangers continue to escalate!

As a school nurse I have seen teens who 
abuse prescription drugs
(among other drugs & maybe in addition to other drugs).
The school I work at is privileged enough to have
access to a certified drug & alcohol counselor-
this counselor provides services for our students in need.
I help monitor progress with random urine drug tests.

I am always trying to educate myself on ways to
identify kids in need & educating kids, parents, and staff.
I found a great FREE resource Smart Moves Smart Choices...

I ordered a hard copy tool kit today
hard copy because I'm still a little old school
and like papers to flip through!

As soon as I get it I'll write a follow up...

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