Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wash Your Hands!

Recently, I received a great email from a listserv
I subscribe to full of great information on handwashing!
Maybe you received the same email?
If not, I wanted to share some great, free resources!

As nurses (& adults) we know how important hand washing is!
Everyone should be washing their hands throughout the day-
especially after (or before) specific activities:

bathroom breaks
petting an animal
when your hands "feel" dirty
& the list goes on and on!

To help promote handwashing in the school setting
Underwriters Laboratories have partnered with Disney
to create some fun videos and free printable worksheets
for educators to use in the school setting!
Click to Here Watch the Video
you might have to register :)

This video is probably more appropriate for the younger kids!
It is cute, colorful, short & to the point!
A great attention getting to use prior to a
germ, handwashing, health lesson plan!
    Remember, the CDC is always a great, free resource!
    Click here to be directed to their handwashing education page!

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