Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Am I? Slide #1

A few years ago I was asked to give a common childhood
communicable disease overview to a group of early childhood case managers....
I thought it might be fun to share the slides I went over.
 The setting was pretty informal with a sort of a round table atmosphere. 
 It was a comfortable setting & very informational. 
The participants (about 15) were able to
listen to the information I was sharing
and ask any questions they had!
I used the slide shows as my attention getter and
 followed up with verbal information,
handouts I found on the CDC website & my state department website,
and time for questions and answers!

At one time, if you had this disease you
would be exposed (on purpose!)
to other neighborhood children
so they too would be lucky enough
                                                                                                            to get this disease!

Who Am I?
Chicken Pox


  1. My kid asked me to tell you that she misses you :)

    All 5 of my kids have had the chicken pox. 3 of them had them within a 6 week time period plus my neice (I baby sat at the time who was 6 months old). Even my youngest who is only 8 has had them. She got them for her 3rd birthday :(

  2. I miss that kid too! Luckily, non of my 3 kids have had them. They have had the vaccine- which I know doesn't always prevent the virus :) I, sadly, had the chicken pox when I was in 8th grade! It was horrible- almost missed the BIG 8th grade dance!


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