Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time Off...

As I'm craving time off work
& more time at home-
which seems to be just right
around the corner-
I'm reminded of the kids
I work with who despise the
idea of more time at home!

I'm not saying they love school,
but I think they do love
the comfort
of being at school. 
Some of kids tend to act out
right before the holidays-
starting about 2 weeks before.

Anyone else notice this?

Last week I witnessed fights,
kids getting arrested,
sadness & anxiety in students,
 and some are angry & confused too.

School seems to offer kids
some type of comfort...
a routine, and schedule that
perhaps is lacking from their home life!

At least at school they know (pretty much)
what to expect- a warm building, running water,
2 meals (maybe snacks) and a familiar routine.

At home their house might be cold and
lack running water, no meals, and a
chaotic if any routine.

It makes me so sad!
Does anyone else see
similar behaviors the
students they help?

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