Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Sorry ... vision referral letter

I'm so sorry....
I'm currently addicted to Pinterest!

I've wasted a ton of time searching researched
wonderful photography ideas, cute quotes,
yummy recipes, decoration ideas,
and whatever else is 'on there'!

All pinning aside...
I was able to revamp a parent letter I use
that has needed an update for a couple of years!

I recently updated the vision referral letter
I mail to parents (after I phone first)!

The new and improved letter explains,
in easy terms, the failed results.

Then, I attach the doctor form to this parent letter &
ask for the doctor form to be returned to me so I can
tally the diagnoses etc for my annual state report!

In addition, I added some local vision centers who accept
most insurance plans included the medical card.

If any of you are dying to see the letter I created let me know!
If any of you need an invitation to Pinterest let me know!

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