Sunday, January 8, 2012

To Do...

What am I doing this week?

In addition to caring for the students & staff who visit on a daily basis
there are a few additional items that I really
want to  need to do this week!

Sometimes I get carried away & think
I'll have way more down time
than I actually have...
I do this in my personal life too!

I want to keep my Extra To Do List
manageable and so I'll keep it to only 3 items!
Anything additional will make me feel
like I've really accomplished a lot!

Extra To Do List
  1. Vision & Hearing Screenings - complete 20!
  2. Complete 3 random athletic drug screens.
  3. Update the Td compliance list, mail letters home & make phone calls.
Wish me luck!
What would you like to get started on this week?

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