Sunday, January 29, 2012

You mean I need to clean down there? !#$&

YES... That is exactly what we mean!

I thought all high school kids knew that already?
Sometimes I take such simple knowledge for granted!

Please, oh please...

                                                                       1. shower daily
                                                              2. apply deodorant daily
                                          3. wear clean clothes including underwear & socks daily
                                                             and  4. clean down there daily

I want to clarify "down there" because I know what
all 5 of you who read this blog are thinking!

During this particular conversation "down there" refers to the lower abdomen
where (when slightly obese) the abdominal skin can rub
  itself nearly raw causing a red moist rash.
This can lead to serious infection ....not to mention really bad odors too!

After the complain was made, some education on personal hygiene was given,
and the comment "You mean I need to clean down there?" was said,
I was in a state of shock and was thinking
'You didn't know? How can you not know that?'

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