Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 (Random) Things

  1. At work I am referred to mostly as "nurse" :)  I'm fine with that!
  2. At home I am referred to as "mom" :)  I''m fine with that too!
  3. My husband and I were married for 5 years before we started having kids.
  4. I had my first baby (a boy) when I was 29!
  5. I moved back to my "home-town" in my early 30s.
  6. I live in the house I took swimming lessons at when I was a little girl.
  7. We crushed the original pool in and filled it with dirt :( 
  8. 3 years later we got a new pool!!!
  9. We LOVE the new pool-especially since I have the summers off!
  10. I love music- all sorts.
  11. I depend on the high schools kids I work with to teach me things about my iPhone!
  12. I make my own home cleaners.
  13. Photography is my hobby!
  14. Thanks to my secret Pinterest addiction research project I have 300+ crafts I want to create!
  15. I recently created a wedding invitation (with PSE) for a gal I've never even met or talked to!
  16. This is my first attempt at a linky party!
  17. I love Mexican food & eat some variation of it at least 4 times a week if not more :)
  18. I have a sweet yellow lab who is nearly 11 but thinks she is 5!
  19. That sweet lab also thinks we starve her- believe me we don't! 
  20. I own a pretty white scooter which I rarely drive!
  21. I have one tattoo.
  22. I love to travel.
  23. I wish I had more time & money to decorate my house and work office!
  24. I love being a high school school nurse!
  25. 25 Random Things was a harder than I thought!

My first Linky Party- You should Link Up too!

1 comment:

  1. I love Mexican food and have one tattoo also! Mine represents all of my kids and my musical husband :)


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