Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Ended a Long Term Relationship

It's true... My husband and I ended a long-term relationship!
However, it's NOT what you think!

Anyone else out there familiar with Sallie Mae-
You know the one who helpfully consolidates all
of your college student loans and then sets up
a convenient payment plan that when followed as scheduled
only takes 114+ years to pay off?!?

Well we were all too familiar with Sallie Mae!
You see we graduated from college years ago
(even though it seems like just yesterday!) &
really wanted those student loans paid off before
it was time to send our children to college!

So, we've been following a strict OPP (Operation Pinch Penny)
for a few months in order to kick that bill to the curb!

It is an exciting day!
Bye Bye Sallie Mae!!
picture found here.

Anyone else out there trying to pay off some debt?
I would love to hear your plan of action
& what you've accomplished so far & future financial goals!
Good Luck...

1 comment:

  1. Ya for you! You already know my story! Isn't exciting when you finally pay off something big like that? :)


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