Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Birthday Party!

Sometimes you know I get side tracked form
School Nurse Stuff (well it is still Spring Break after all!)
and I like to post about some
fun, crafty things from my personal life!

Also, since my I wrote about my "baby's birthday party (here),
I didn't want Big Sister's 7th Birthday Party left behind!

Again, here are some pictures,
but no grand tutorials!
All of the ideas came from my new
favorite place Pinterest!

 My crafty sister found directions for these cute bracelets made out of pop tops & ribbon!

I was in charge of this t-shirt craft project. 
It is a little spin off of a pin I found on Pinterest!
I used what I had... men's white tank style undershirts!
I cut strips about 1 inch wide & let the girls gather 4-6 pieces each...
then they stretched them (not as easy or clean as using a regular cotton r-shirt,
but it worked and they had fun).  Next, I doubled the scarf
and let the girls pick their favorite colored ribbon and tied all of the pieces together...
Did those directions make any sense?

The girls also painted little $1 wooden frames and
decorated them with wooden owls.

My favorite...

We'll Owl-Ways be Friends!

My crafty sister also made these yummy & adorable owl cupcakes!
I'm going to say it was super easy because
I didn't hear a Hoot from her otherWISE-
OMG, I just love the puns!
LAS- are you reading this?!

These were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing-
she pulled the icing up on top to make the ears...
the eyes are 2 open Oreos with a brown M&M in the center
and the cute nose is a pink M&M turned sideways :)

Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend :)

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  1. Yes, EB! I am reading this. OWL gave you pts for the puns.
    I am working on my own Pin page,


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