Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Party!

I'm enjoying spring break now :)
Not working, but hanging out with my kids @ home-
&  yes, still getting my regular pay check!
A true School Nurse bonus- How Nice!

Since my "baby"recently turned 2
we had a family party for her!

Keep in mind these pictures aren't the best, but I wanted to
share the cute tablecloth and shirts I made
for her & her older sister to wear!

There also isn't any grand tutorial, but really it wasn't hard.
The process pretty much involved:
  1. making stencils (using the Life is a Beach Cricut cartridge)
  2. ironing heat & bond to fun fabric
  3. tracing stencils on fabric
  4. cutting fabric (ok- if you are a true Cricut user there is probably a way to actually cut the already bonded fabric, but this is only my 2nd time using a Cricut and I didn't even try :(
  5. ironing onto a store bought table cloth
  6. super gluing button eyes
You see, this project had to be a pretty quick and painless
since I waited until the night before the party!
Even though, I think it turned out pretty cute... 

store bought fish cupcake cake!  YUM...

1 comment:

  1. That is super cute! Hope you are enjoying spring break. What great weather we are having for it too!


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