Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This week I remember him and His promise as it is
the one year anniversary of my dad's death...
I wrote this poem several months after he died;
but it I Am still able to feel all the emotions.

I AM...

Here are some beautiful flowers we received in his memory...




  1. Hello school nurse!
    Visiting thru Beautifully Rooted Found link up. This is a lovely post. I can really relate because my grandpa is nearing his end and there are so many touch decisions and grieving about the grieving even. It's awful, and it hurts everyday and I try to not think about all the memories of him and me. We were and are still so close. The memories make me happy but also sad that they will never be again.
    Bless your sweet heart for sharing this. I will pray for you during the healing process, if that's even the right thing to call it.

    1. I just now added a reply button option & want to make sure it is working! Slow and steady here! Please send an update on your grandpa. Take Care.

  2. Coming over from Found @ Beautifully Rooted. What a beautiful verse to go with this touching post.


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