Thursday, April 5, 2012

Type 1 Diabetes

My last couple of posts (here & here) have been pretty deep...
here is something a little more medical based and hopefully
doesn't bring tears to anyone's eyes :)
picture via
Irl Hirsch MD
University of Washington
School of Medicine

New Ways to Think About Type 1 Diabetes
The other night I was able to listen to Irl Hirsch MD give a presentation on "New Ways to Think About Type 1 Diabetes"... He was full of knowledge & fairly easy to understand.  The group in attendance was diverse- nurses, doctors, parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes, people with Type 1 Diabetes, spouses of people of Type 1 Diabetes... you get the picture...

Although he had a fancy slide show that went along with his presentation there weren't any handouts.  I tried to take notes as he spoke and wanted to share (what I felt) were his main points.

4 Therapy Options
Feel free to click on the links and do more reading & research for your individual situation.
  1. Insulin
    1. Insulin- Degludec    (long acting 24* insulin) 
  2. Pumps (many of these are touch screen & some link to iPhone)
    1. CellNovo    
    1. Fuzzy Logic    
    1. GLP-1   
    2. Victoza!!  (hard to find a link r/t Type 1 & Victoza....)      

Taking Control of Your Diabetes
Website Link Here

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