Thursday, May 10, 2012

WIWW on a Thursday

I read a few blogs now and again
& am always fascinated with the What I Wore linky posts :)

However, I am not quite ready to start
posting pictures of myself in work clothes :)
But, I am ready to post a picture of my weekly clothes
 all piled up on a chair in my bedroom!

Fun colors don't you think?
I realized as I looked at the pile today
that I really like all of those colors!
Actually, I think my house & office are both decorated
in shades of those colors with some green mixed in too!

This is a typical clothes pile for me....
solid colors, a little texture here & there, mixed with
minimal jewelry and some cute, yet comfortable shoes.

So, yes... now you know... I am a nurse,
a school nurse who wears "work clothes" and not scrubs!
What about you... do you wear scrubs to school or "regular clothes"?
There are pros and cons to both I suppose,
but most days I appreciate wearing "regular clothes" :)

If you read my blog (or this post) and also participate
in a weekly WIWW linky party post I would
love to hear from you & know what linky party you participate in!

have a healthy weekend!

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