Sunday, October 28, 2012

24 days... Moms Who Care!

Has it really been 24 days since I've written a post?
Yes, yes it has :(
I guess I've been we all have I'm sure.
I can't believe it is almost November already!
There are a few work projects that have been requiring my time & attention:
  • annual flu shot clinic for staff- getting the date set, advertising, taking appointments, and collecting $.
  • October 15th immunization deadline and state report
  • annual vision & hearing screening- starts in November & there is a lot of organizing before I can get started!
  • planned fire drill, unplanned/real school fire, real surprise visit from the police dogs, planned/practice code red drill, unplanned/real 'almost' code yellow drill
  • monthly drug tests for students (includes random athletic tests and students who see the drug/alcohol counselor and I assist in collecting random urine samples for testing)
  • annual BBP training, food allergy training, epi-pen training, hazardous materials training, chronic health conditions in the school setting training-done, done, done, done, and done.
  • and there is always the usual- daily visits, medications, emergencies, phone calls, emails, and always planning ahead!
  • Anyway.....
One of the more fun things...
is working with the Moms Who Care group!
The room is ready for business!
I will start calling down shoppers this Thursday!
Do you work with Moms Who Care?
I hope you do!
The public page has lots of colorful pictures too!!


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