Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy cyber Monday!

cyber Monday already?
Where did my 5 days off go? 
I really enjoyed my time @ home :)  Always do!
The next few weeks
(until Christmas break) will fly by!
A few additional items I need to focus on include:
  1. Vision & Hearing Screenings
  2. Vision & Hearing referral letters
  3. An evaluation tool for school nurses- would LOVE to see one you use. If you have one please contact me! :)
  4. Adopt-a-Family gifts and delivery of gifts.  The Health Center staff, the school's social worker, the bus drivers, and several other teachers/staff members adopt a school family each Christmas.  This year we've decided on our family and they have accepted our offer to help! 

I know my time at work will go by so quickly the next few weeks! 
How do you keep your office organized during these busy days?
What special projects are you working on?
I would LOVE to hear from you :)


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