Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moms Who Care

Click above to read more from the Moms
on their very own Facebook page!
We've had the room open for two Thursdays now
and things are moving along quite nicely!
The kids who are taking advantage of the room
 have been very appreciative!
This week they had one student schedule a free haircut
with a local gal who is offering free cuts to
those students in need!  How wonderful :)
I still had time to do ...
  • random drug tests
  • flu shots for staff - do you offer these?
  • tutoring requests
  • vision & hearing screenings- always fun!
  • one emergency call
  • many, many, many daily visits and parent calls
  • this weekend I am planning on visiting a former student who is in the hospital dying of cancer:(I cry just thinking about it)...


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