Friday, November 16, 2012

Remembering Jake Arnett

This was a hard week for me:(

I had to say goodbye to a former student.
You might still be able to view his obituary here.
I wrote this post & poem to help me remember him.
He spent time in my office on & off since
his JR year of high school. 
I always looked forward to hearing
what he had to talk about.
He was one of the nicest boys ever!
Always kind, considerate, and funny :)

Sadly, others students I've worked with over
the years have died @ young ages- too young actually.
(Magaly, Sam, Bryan, Kirbie to name too many)
You might remember an earlier post I wrote about Kirbie?

Cancer Sucks :(

You can view 2 other personal posts
about my dad's death here & here...



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