Friday, February 22, 2013

another to do post

Another busy week!

I feel like this was another busy week- both professionally and personally! 
Personally, I celebrated a birthday-
then the very next day was one of my daughter's birthday followed
by my son's birthday the day after! 
This birthday bundle wasn't  planned so close together.
It just sort of happened that way!
It is fun, busy, and expensive :)
Professionally, it was a busy week too.
I managed to finish up a few projects I had going on
which always makes me happy!
The school year is flying by and I'm already starting to
think about things for next year!
Crazy, I know!
Just to help keep me focused on some things I need to get
done this week I created another cute to-do list.
I've been printing these out each Monday so I can
use it as a visual on my desk as the week goes by :)
I'm thinking some time this week I will post about the
Moms Who Care room!  It has been such a great experience working with these Moms!

Would you like to know more about how I work together with this group of Moms?

What do you have planned in your office this week?

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