Sunday, February 10, 2013

Attention All Dog Lovers...

We got a new puppy!

a silver lab

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about saying good-bye to
our 12 year old yellow lab named Addison?

Well, we missed having a dog in the house...

And  we quickly decided to get another one!
This time though we got a silver lab.
I didn't know silver labs existed until this week!
Once the family saw a picture of one we were all in love!
He really is the cutest thing!
Right now we can carry him around like a baby!
And yes, we are actually doing that :)
However, in a couple of months I know he'll be way too big to be carried!
His coat truly is silver (gray). 
His eyes are blue now, but should turn into a pale yellow color soon.
Just precious...

Welcome to your new Home Otis!

PS  I took this adorable picture on my iPhone and made it even fancier using Red Stamp-
 one of my new favorite and free apps- check them out!



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