Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will Blog for Comments

who loves comments?

Whenever I publish a post I always secretly hope for at least one comment :)
Well, the last week or so when I've checked my email in the morning,
 I get super excited to see I have at least six new comments!
Then my excitement fades because I realize the new comments
were made by a metal rusted automated robot with no eyes
somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
These robots leave bizarre comments which make about 0.3% sense
and of course always end with a link to "their blog"-
Of course since I'm not a robot I never click on the link.
Mostly out of fear that my computer will contract
a computer virus similar to the latest H1N1 outbreak!
I'm still hoping to get some fabulous comments
from "real live" readers like you :)
You will just have to verify that you're not
one of the robots before your comment will be published :)
PS My husband recently learned how to play this song on his guitar! 
Super cool :)


  1. I have had a bunch of the same sort of comments on my "Family Thanksgiving" post. It is now my #1 most viewed post even though it is really not being viewed :(

    1. Mine is my epi-pen post... most be something about it the robots like :)

  2. I am new to this blogging stuff. And I stumbled upon yours, and love it! I love getting on and seeing your perspectives and experiences. Even have used your printables. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks! Are there any other printables you would like to see?


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