Monday, March 25, 2013

Pray For A Puppy

An Otis Update...

Well, believe it or not, we brought Otis home Monday! 
The vet said she was pleased with the small improvements he was making! 
We are by no means 'out of the woods' but at this point any improvement is a good thing! 
 If you want to know more details of his quick illness you can jump over the this recent post.

I'm trying to be positive...

Of course the situation is sad- too sad for written words at this point in time.
But, I am looking for any positive changes he is making.
I'll share 3 good things we saw today:
  1. He was able to come home
  2. His reflexes are 'normal'
  3. He still has his appetite
  4. He tries really, really hard to sit or stand
  5. He responds very positively to the kids
  6. He wags his tail when he sees us
  7. He can roll onto his back
  8. His 'jumping' pupils are getting better
Oops, Did I say just 3 good things....
Well once I started listing them I just couldn't stop myself!

We hope tomorrow brings even more positive changes.

He has another vet appointment at 8:30 AM!

Oh and Please share this post with anyone you know who will Pray For A Puppy!


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