Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A random post about former students and a cat video!

A couple of years ago I was making dinner and
could hear the news on the TV in the other room.
The news anchor was talking about a You Tube video
that was making everyone laugh. 
I was listening from the other room and so I could only hear the voices at first.
When I did thought the voices instantly reminded me of  2 students-
we'll call them Student T and Student B!
(who else thinks of kids from work when you're at home?)
I made my way to the TV to see what the video was all about and
was shocked when I cats on the screen!
Anyway, not only did the voices of the cats remind me of these 2 students,
but the 'personalities' of the cats did too!
The next day I had to share the video with these students
(and several other students and staff members-
Why?  because I just think it is so funny!)
and not surprisingly they agreed with me!
We watched the video several times that school year
and always laughed!

Makes me wonder what Student T and Student B are doing these days?



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