Sunday, March 24, 2013

Remember Our New Puppy?

Not too long ago I posted about our new puppy, Otis.
Sadly, he has developed a rare neurological virus
(maybe distemper) and he is very sick!
He has actually receive 2 of the 3 distemper immunizations,
but the vet says this virus can be airborne and
transferred to new pups from wild raccoons-
which visit our yard nightly :(
It is usually a fatal disease, but there is always hope
we caught the symptoms early enough and
that his body can fight the virus...
He is trying his best to be a little fighter!
He is so weak though; he isn't able to stand or walk.
He has been hospitalized for several nights.
You can see his IV on his paw:(
He seems to have his appetite and is able to lift his head
and wag his tail.  He still wants to be petted and tries to move.
However, it is almost as if his legs are on ice and they just slide around-
it is horribly sad to see him this way.
Come morning the doctors want to re-evaluate his condition and prognosis.
Although he has only been with his for a short time, 
we  are all extremely attached to him.
The kids love to take him on walks and play with him.
They have been looking forward to the warm weather
so they could play fetch with him and play with him outside.
He loves to be babied and is already a lover of soft, comfy furniture!


  1. That is so sad! I hope he gets better!

    1. Thanks for your concern! He is actually starting to show slight improvements!


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