Sunday, March 10, 2013

to do list...with an update

Things I Want To Do This Week...


Here's a little update too on how my list is moving along:

1. We have received parent permission for 35 students so far for the late April dental clinic. 
The goal is 80 signed forms!  Last year we had 54 students participate.
2.  Still reviewing Tdap dates...We've completed about 400 of the 600 chart reviews.
Then I will need to double check those not in compliance and mail letters home.
3.  Maybe 10 out of 200 screened were referred.  Letters have been mailed home and I need to call students down this week and ask if they've visited an eye doctor yet.  Then I will work on calling parents too.
4.  Still have a messy cabinet, but another area did get cleaned out and stuff was sent to the Moms Who Care room so cleaning and organizing this other cabinet should be a breeze!
5.  After about 5 hours of the evaluation process being complete (yeah!) I have just the post evaluation process to finish up... I'm thinking less than 30 minutes!
As you can see, things are moving right along!

How is your second semester going?

What are you working on now?

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