Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Uniformed Scrubs... Cherokee Scrub Top Review

What do you wear to work?

Recently I was contacted by Uniformed Scrubs to write a review
for a stylish Cherokee Scrubs product- more specifically a Cherokee scrub top!

How exciting for me as this is the first product review I am writing!

How exciting for you because Uniformed Scrubs is giving a 15% off coupon code!

Uniformed Scrubs  coupon code 15pbrm
I haven't worn scrubs to work since I worked
in the hospital setting, home health, and then a  doctor's office.
However, once I looked at the Cherokee scrub top options
I thought I would be able to find something
to wear in the school setting and decided to go for it!
I selected a basic black scrub top.
Again, I haven't worn scrubs in a while; so I don't have scrub bottoms.
I decided to pair the basic black scrub top with what I refer to as my "trouser denim pants"...
(aka dressy jeans) and a school logo jacket!

I apologize for the lack of pictures-
I took the pictures myself and the turnout wasn't that good :(

 Can you see the great detail in the scrub top? 
I found the top to be true to size with large enough pockets
to hold an iPhone, school radio, small notebook, pens/pencils, scissors, tape etc! 
Whatever essentials you need to make it through your work day.
I would even recommend these to some high school students I know going through
a local CNA program and/or already working as CNAs!




  1. I visited their site and they have nice designs. Makes our CNA more excited with their job.

    1. I liked a lot of the printed designs too! Thanks for stopping by!


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