Thursday, April 4, 2013

Springbreak & Being Thrifty...


How I earn free Starbucks...

So, I'm on spring break this week!
I've spent a lot of my time taking care of our new puppy, Otis!
& am happy to report his health continues to improve!
I've also worked on a couple of home improvement projects
which I feel will never end- I should post some pictures soon.
This kids have a couple of fun things planned too-
sleepovers, painting class, and photography session!
It is a busy week, but that is a good thing!
Guess What?  I've also enjoyed a few Starbucks drinks this week!
We have a brand new Target Store with a Starbucks inside very near our house-
it is wonderfully dangerous...feeds my caffeine and shopping problems @ the same time :)
I have earned free Starbucks for years by using Swagbucks!
If you haven't already signed up you can use my referral code here... 
Search & Win
I'm also working on a couple of projects for work this week too.
I am making a new handout for the Moms Who Care
and am working on a post for them too!


  1. I still haven't "earned" anything with my swag bucks!!!!

  2. Too bad... I've earned $25 Dominos gift card and over $50 of Starbucks gift cards! I try to answer the daily poll and always use the search bar too :)


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