Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!

this is sort of a long post... if you're only looking for the pretty pictures scroll down to the end!

I am a mom to three wonderful kids!
My mom is also a mom to three (most of the time) wonderful kids!
I have 2 girls and 1 boy... My mom also has 2 girls and 1 boy :)
How sweet :) 
 Love you Mom- I can type that here because I'm pretty sure she reads this blog :)
On to the post...
Remember the Moms Who Care?
How could you forget them, right?!
Well, someone did the nicest thing for the Moms today!
It started yesterday afternoon when I received an anonymous phone call.
The young gal on the other end told me how touched she was by our Moms Who Care program.
She thinks it is so wonderful that a local school (not even her own school!)
has so many volunteer Moms Who Care for children who aren't their own!
She wanted to do something nice for these Moms and figured Mother's Day was the perfect time!
So, using her own money she purchased the Moms beautiful flowers,
a balloon, and a included a handwritten note (handwritten notes are great by the way!).
She then delivered the items to the school bright and early Thursday morning
and by using me as a messenger she is able to remain anonymous!  I love it :)
Many of us I'm bet are thinking something along the lines of
 'how nice for the kids to have such kind and caring Moms to help them'....
And that is true; more than we will ever know!
But the great and wonderful thing is...
 the Moms Who Care are actually thinking something along the lines of
'how nice for us that we have this great opportunity to work with and help such beautiful, talented,
kind, smart, funny, educated, hopeful, smiling, happy, energetic, creative kids!'
the Moms Who Care group is a great thing for all of us involved!
I'm thankful for them too :)

Happy Mother's Day

to all of the Moms Who Care for their own children and

the children they come in contact with throughout their days!





PS... I found the awesome, free photo templates on the above blog! 

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