Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I need... Basic First Aid Kits....

Classroom First Aid Kits...

What I need... is to find some basic first aid kits to keep in classrooms. 
I've been looking online, but I need to make some phone calls tomorrow! 
I need all of the supplies ready by mid August!  Yikes... right around the corner.
I can't believe it is July 10th (as I type this) already.

I had so many wonderful ideas and things I want to make/take/design/build/visit this summer.
I've accomplished a tiny fraction of my dream summer to-do list.
It's OK though... I've actually learned to relax a little bit which is also very enjoyable!

If you have any great suggestions for classroom first aid kits please let me know!

I will leave you with a couple of nice (calming) pictures...

Lake of the Ozarks MO!
love it there...



  1. I simply use plastic pencil boxes from back to school sales. Inside I keep dental towels, gloves, castille soap wipes, and bandaids. What about yours? Just find your blog and am enjoying looking back through it!

    1. Michelle T-
      Hi! You have a great idea! I did end of finding some great classroom first aid kits... looks like I never did a follow up post :) I will in the near future.
      Thanks for reading!


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