Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 enters with 2 snow days!!


two snow days, what?!

Well.... I was supposed to return to work today after a two week break,
B.U.T. we are suffering from severe weather- snow & horribly cold temps!
So, school was cancelled today - how exciting! 
An extra day of vacation. One more day to sleep in!
Oh- but it gets better!
School is cancelled tomorrow too due to the severe windchill!
Now- all of the kids (mine included)
have been doing some sort of
happy dance for hours! 
 I can't remember the last time I had 2 "snow" days in a row!

Where are you?  What's the weather like?

Better yet... how do you keep your kids entertained
when it's too cold to be outside?!
Enjoy a 4x6 printable!

Or... order a postcard, or other fun snow day item!

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