Saturday, September 16, 2017

Do you have a minute?

I have a quick question...

How many times have you received a phone call 
from one of your school nurse partners who has a quick question?

How many times have you been swamped at that time 
and haven't been able to respond or ask as many questions as you've wanted to?

I'm guilty of that :(  

I get phone calls and emails with specific questions and 
because I want to reply quickly I feel like I don't take quality time 
to respond with more substance.... Just enough time for the basics.

What if in the future we were able to have an uninterrupted conversation?

What's that you say?  An uninterrupted conversations?!  It's a crazy concept :)

What questions would you ask me?
What would you want to know?
What questions do you think I would ask you?

I would LOVE to get ten comments with questions... 
please comment & share with your school nurse friend too:)


  1. I have a good friend/school nurse that we ask questions and vent to frequently and it is wonderful. My question right now is how to handle a middle schooler with ADHD, Type 1 Diabetes with absent parents and no motivation or willingness to take care of himself?

  2. Tonja,
    This is a tough one. Would some type of reward system work with this student? I have learned over the years that trying to explain long term effects of diabetes to middle school students gets you no where. Sometimes positive behavior rewards work with my difficult students.
    Amy- School Nurse in Pennsylvania

  3. I will graduate from am lvn program in January and am focusing on being a school nurse RN. Any advice on how to gain useful practice until i reach my goal? What type of job would give me most applicable skills? ER? Physicians office? Home health? Etc. Thank u

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