Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moms Who Care Donation Day

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Do you ever plan what you're going to do at work on a certain day?
And then you get to work and the entire plan implodes-
Happens to me all the time!

For instance...
On this particular day my office received
a ton of much needed donations.
All of the donations happened to occur
unannounced, on the same day, within hours of each other!

And so.... I had one messy office!

We received:
7 bags of clothes
20 hygiene bags
2 cases of sample size toothpastes
2 cases of toothbrushes

messy office

All of the items we received went to
very appreciative students!

It took a few days to clear things out ...
And now I'm enjoying  a clean office again.

clean office

I'm sure the clean office is short lived!- that is okay!
We receive a lot of great donations all of the time!

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