Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snow day!

Anyone else out there celebrating a snow day today?

I was already driving to work when I got the call that school was cancelled due to the weather.
I know there are some very excited kids out there (including my own)!
snow day note pad
snow day note pad by BarclayDesigns
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  1. Hi!! I love your blog! I'm really interested in school nursing. I sent you an email last sunday to the email address you have on your profile here but not sure if you got it!
    Hope to hear back from you, enjoy your snow day!

    1. Hi Melanie-
      Thanks for your nice comment and email. I will respond today! Best of luck and keep in touch.

  2. Totally angry at you right now... I have slipped all over my district and am super crabby about it can you tell? Hope you are getting organized today for our "retreat" on Friday night:)

    1. Sorry for you :( I've spent hours trying to figure out our 2012 taxes which has made me super crabby! However, I'm stopping for the night and will start to organize my things for Friday :)