Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016

What- it's the end of August already!

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I managed to enjoy my summer, but feel the older I get the faster the months go by :(
I would like to try 4 day work weeks for a while this school year!
I would love to hear about your summer :)

Students were only in attendance for 13 days during the month of August ...

In just 13 short days my office successfully a lot.
So much that I can't believe it is only the beginning of the school year!

Here are a few things we managed to squeeze in 
and a few I am planning to accomplish over the next month or so...

Please feel free to comment about any big  school nursing plans you have for next month!


  1. 606 student related health center visits
  2. 1 ambulance call
  3. 10 Vision & Hearing screenings
  4. 400+ immunization reviews
  5. Renewed NASN membership
  1. More cool office related pictures
  2. Schedule meeting to review concussion policy
  3. Get going on 10 domain meeting forms
  4. Complete the 'documentation of evaluation' forms for several upcoming IEP meetings

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