Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Virtual School Nurse?


Digital To Do List for The School Nurse

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Many school nurses are wondering what to "do" 
at work while students are participating in some type of virtual learning. 
This was me!  I'm working in the school building 
with staff present, but students are e-learning at home.

Since it is the beginning of the year there are many tasks that need to be completed
whether students are there or not. In fact, this is the first time in ever (!) that 
I have been able to work on collecting the beginning of the year forms 
without student interruptions. It seems foreign to me and makes me 
a little uncomfortable! I am so used to constant noise, commotion and multi-tasking
that this stillness and calm-like COVID chaos has taken some getting used to!

Anyway- I started writing down what I'm working on while the students are not 
in the building.  I'm 100% sure that I've forgotten to include a few things.
I also realize the tasks will change with any given day
according to what needs to be done that day v. what I want to get done-
How many of you totally get that!?

Please comment what you are working on too-
I would like to grow this list to help other 
school nurses come up with a plan.



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  1. I cover a large (1300+ students) high school. I'm updating the "medical alert" information that teachers can see based on the online health survey parents are supposed to fill out and update each year. There is health information that teachers need to know, such as if a student has seizures or should wear glasses.