Saturday, January 30, 2021



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If you follow The School Nurse on Facebook 
then you already knew monthly motto printables were on the way.

Guess what?  They have arrived and blog subscribers 

received a FREE 5x7 printable late Friday night.

Decorating an office can be expensive, but enjoyable.
I'm hoping these printables give you the option to add 
an affordable touch of personality to your work space- 
after all we spend many, many hours there!

Use these printables as framed decor on your desk or shelf.
Maybe even laminate and hang them on a bulletin board or wall.
I'd love to see pictures of what you do!
Please share photos in the comments of this post or 
send them to me on social media!

Other mottos will be added to The School Nurse 
Teachers Pay Teachers storefront
Teachers Pay Teachers storefront on a monthly basis too!

These colorful designs will be available as 
5x7 prints available to purchase for $2, 
instant download (or is it upload?).
Print, frame, and decorate...
or laminate and hang on a bulletin board!

Be Wise ... Sanitize; coffee mug

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