Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Palindromes are my favorite!
Why?  I don't know...
Probably because I am a little nerdy :)

I don't know if it is numbers, names, words, sentences-
I love all palindromes just the same!

I'm sure today I will be telling all of the students
how excited I am over the date


How can you not love it?

 "Mr. Owl ate my metal worm."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

You mean I need to clean down there? !#$&

YES... That is exactly what we mean!

I thought all high school kids knew that already?
Sometimes I take such simple knowledge for granted!

Please, oh please...

                                                                       1. shower daily
                                                              2. apply deodorant daily
                                          3. wear clean clothes including underwear & socks daily
                                                             and  4. clean down there daily

I want to clarify "down there" because I know what
all 5 of you who read this blog are thinking!

During this particular conversation "down there" refers to the lower abdomen
where (when slightly obese) the abdominal skin can rub
  itself nearly raw causing a red moist rash.
This can lead to serious infection ....not to mention really bad odors too!

After the complain was made, some education on personal hygiene was given,
and the comment "You mean I need to clean down there?" was said,
I was in a state of shock and was thinking
'You didn't know? How can you not know that?'

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Sorry ... vision referral letter

I'm so sorry....
I'm currently addicted to Pinterest!

I've wasted a ton of time searching researched
wonderful photography ideas, cute quotes,
yummy recipes, decoration ideas,
and whatever else is 'on there'!

All pinning aside...
I was able to revamp a parent letter I use
that has needed an update for a couple of years!

I recently updated the vision referral letter
I mail to parents (after I phone first)!

The new and improved letter explains,
in easy terms, the failed results.

Then, I attach the doctor form to this parent letter &
ask for the doctor form to be returned to me so I can
tally the diagnoses etc for my annual state report!

In addition, I added some local vision centers who accept
most insurance plans included the medical card.

If any of you are dying to see the letter I created let me know!
If any of you need an invitation to Pinterest let me know!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

To Do List Update!

Last week I posted here on my weekly goals...

I really wanted to work on 3 extras last week.

However, seems as though no matter how much
you plan sometimes you just don't know
what is coming your way!

I am employed full time, but if
you look at my actual work hours last
week you would question that last statement!

You see, I had to use A LOT of sick time!

My child #1 came down with strep throat and a fever
so I used a sick day last Friday.

Then, my child #3 got an ugly stomach virus
last Sunday night and so I had to take a few hours
off work Monday morning.

Then, more sick time cashed in on Tuesday
because 6 months ago I made dental appointments!

Oh don't worry... the fun just keeps on coming!

Late Tuesday night myself & my husband both
got the ugly stomach virus mentioned earlier!
This virus knocked me out for 2 (additional) sick days!

WOW!  That is a lot of sick time!

The poor LPNs who work with me had
to cover many of my hours and work
some on their own too!
I can't thank them enough!

In spite of all the sick time
I still tried to keep up with my goals...

  1. Vision & Hearing Screenings - complete 20!  Only screened about 12!  All passed so that was easy!  Will continue to work on the screenings this week!
  2. Complete 3 random athletic drug screens.  GOT IT DONE!
  3. Update the Td compliance list, mail letters home & make phone calls.  NOT DONE- didn't even look at the list!  Will work on it this week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

To Do...

What am I doing this week?

In addition to caring for the students & staff who visit on a daily basis
there are a few additional items that I really
want to  need to do this week!

Sometimes I get carried away & think
I'll have way more down time
than I actually have...
I do this in my personal life too!

I want to keep my Extra To Do List
manageable and so I'll keep it to only 3 items!
Anything additional will make me feel
like I've really accomplished a lot!

Extra To Do List
  1. Vision & Hearing Screenings - complete 20!
  2. Complete 3 random athletic drug screens.
  3. Update the Td compliance list, mail letters home & make phone calls.
Wish me luck!
What would you like to get started on this week?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?

I thought I would make
some professional goals
for this new year!
Some of these goals are specific to this current school year
& some for the 2012 calendar year.

So, here goes...
  1. Earn the needed 20 CEs for my RN license.
  2. Submit and have accepted my statement of assurance for my Type 73 Certificate.
  3. Take at least one course towards the MA +30 step!
  4. Update the current Exposure Control Plan.
  5. Update the way I teach CPR classes to all of the district coaches. - the process not the content.
  6. Host some sort of a fund raiser for the Student Assistant Fund- a fund we use to purchase needed items (not necessarily medical) for kids in need...
  7. Donate my time and talent to take Senior pictures for a student who wouldn't normally have pictures taken (photography is my hobby!).... or maybe raffle SR pictures and donate the $ to the Student Assistant Fund!?.... probably will do both.
  8. Assist in creating and implementing a system for athletes regarding medical clearance for sports try-outs and participation.
  9. Complete all required vision & hearing screenings by the end of February.
  10. Increase the compliance rate on vision referrals- 90% compliance would be wonderful!
I'm open to any helpful suggestions
to help me reach these goals!

What do you have planned for your
'professional self' this new year?

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